I constructed this from an advertisement

Doweled and glued 3 – 1×6 boards together,, cut to lengths, constructed inside-out, added sides (d/g), finish sanded and used stain and 3 coats marine polyurethane to finish. Came out great and wouldn’t leave alcoholic drink rings on it!

Woods: 1x6 pine dowels

Tools: wood glue clamps doweling jig hinges for door drill bits belt and pad sanders chisel



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a1jim ...

Looks like a good sturdy unit,well done.

George C Fassett Sr ...

Thank you both! I doweled and glued 3 1×6 boards together, 16 ft. long, 3 of them, to get the number of board feet required to do the project. I’d scaled up the dimensions from a little 3" by 1½" ad from the Sunday paper. Gave me an excellent opportunity to increase my clamp selection! I still had to create clamp ‘extensions’ by cutting convex (bowing-out) strips from 2×4′s, attaching ring bolts to them big enough to allow the clamp heads to go through, then clamping the extensions to pull tight the dowel joints.

Moment ...

Nice work