Steampunk Steam Engine Side Table

Editor's Choice - Feb 12, 2018

Inspired by my last piece which resembled a train car, this steam engine side table is a favorite of my kids. It’s made of a great hodgepodge of old stuff as you can see. There are too many to list but a couple of my favorite parts are the boiler tank which is an O2 tank from a WWII B17 bomber, and the headlamp which is made from a piece of oak from a pallet board, a bit of copper and a big , rusty washer that my wife rescued from the American Flats ore processing plant in Virginia City Nevada. The plant was demolished and removed a few years ago. It was a magnificent ruin that will be fondly remembered.



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a1jim ...

Totally unique,well done.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Very unique , nice work

Kelly ...

Love steampunk. Nice job on design and build.

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Steampunk Steam Engine Side Table