Puzzle and end tables

My wife is addicted to doing puzzles. She’s always done them on our dining room table and has asked me for years to make her a puzzle table. I finally got around to it and figured I’d also make some matching end tables to go with it. The puzzle table is higher than a standard coffee table to make it comfortable to lean across while sitting on the couch or a chair. It’s also larger being around 4′×3′. If needed, the end tables can be moved up next to it and they are all the exact same height. The tops are maple ply bordered with solid maple and multiple coats of poly. The large table has 4 drawers with 2 on each side and the end tables have a single drawer in the front. I’m thinking of making a more traditional set for our family room and will probably make some minor changes. She’s happy and that’s what counts.

Woods: mape plywood maple pine boards

Tools: table saw router table and portable router biscut joiner

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lightweightladylefty ...


You would be considered an enabler by pc society. You’re not supposed to help your wife continue her addiction. ;-) So, do you think you have enough drawers to store all her puzzles?

Kidding aside, your tables look really great.


a1jim ...

Nice clean build these look super.

Jack ...

Really beautiful Tim, amazing craftsmanship.

Tim ...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

L/W, I don’t think she can ever have enough room for her puzzles. :)

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

I’ll bet she is very pleased, nice work.

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Puzzle and end tables