Jewelry Armoire

1/4 dawn red oak jewelry armoire with curved front drawers.

Tools: jointer router table table saw bandsaw and thickness planner


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Moment ...

Very nice work . The dark lining makes a pleasing contrast .

Mpad ...

Moment- appreciate the feed back.

a1jim ...

Very Nice Armoire Moment ,super details nice workmanship

Mpad ...

a1jim…appreciate the comments especially from a craftsman with your experience. The jewelry armoire was a birthday present for my wife.

Moment ...

Jim, I think you misread ’ Mpad ’ for ’ Moment ’ . That’s ok .
Great looking cabinet Mpad .

MJCD ...

This is very nice; and must have required extensive planning (and precise execution!) Curved Raised Panel Drawer Front??? Wow.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

and yet another family heirloom , nice

Michael De Petro ...

Love the detail in this piece. Another fine Job!

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Jewelry Armoire