Oak entrance way.

Editor's Choice - Apr 04, 2018

I have today finished an entrance way we started a few weeks ago local to home.

I made the oak gate using kiln dried European oak. The gate posts are also European oak but are fresh sawn green. The posts were planed, round topped and chamfered then oiled with raw linseed oil.

I was then asked to produce some post and rail fencing in oak to go with it. This is fresh saw English grown oak milled by a local saw mill. I then put the weather slope on the top and cut the mortises on my stationary chain Mortiser ( 90×40mm mortises in two plunges)

I’ve never worked such a wet site with so much ground water. Shocking was covered in mud and I took to wearing waterproof socks inside my boots to keep the water out.

Woods: oak

Tools: chain morticer hand tools power tools spade

Tags: professional woodworking oak gates

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.


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Jack ...

Beautiful work in terrible conditions..

a1jim ...

Another great gate and installed very well in spite of the conditions,geat job.

oldrivers ...

Gate looks great!

Madts ...

Great design on the gate.


Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Folks, we got there eventually with it.

The gate design is not one I can lay claim to it is at least 150-200 years old. Although I did add my own tweaks to it.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Bruce

Brian ...

Beautiful as usual. Mud is supposed to be fun! Just ask my 4 year old!

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Brian, I loved mud as a kid, not so sure these days though.

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Oak entrance way.