Changing table

With the brith of our second daughter immanent I needed to finish the changing table. We needed it to be space efficient and fit into slot right next to the sinks in the bathroom. I managed to finish the piece a day or so before the brith, but wasn’t able to spend a lot of time on the finish.

The idea behind this project was to use hand tools wherever possible. I did use a jig saw since it turned out that it was really hard to follow a straight line with my Japanese ryoba saw (on the rip cut) and a hand sander b/c .. well sanding and time pressure. I dimensioned the wood all by hand and I am pretty happy with the result.

The belt sander (handheld) did leave some lines as visible in the pictures. I did fix that eventually by going over the piece one more time with the belt sander paying more attention to the pattern I followed.

1,75 years down the line I now clearly see why I should have added bread boards. The table blade is cupping quite visibly.

Woods: oak

Tools: jig saw japanese saw belt and disc sander clamps framing square


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Martin Sojka ...

Helloooo, great job, buddy ;)

a1jim ...

Interesting design,with the size of babies we had (12 lbs) years and years ago I don’t know if I would have trusted one leg in the middle like your design.

wrtsprt ...

a1jim: what you can’t see in the photos is that the table rests on a wooden structure in its full width in the wall side. So it was actually quite stable in the beginning.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Like the leg , gives it a different look . Nice job .

a1jim ...

Ok that makes sense, good Idea to have that wall support too.

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Changing table