Night stands unfinished..

Nights stands that I promised my wife like 5 years ago. (Oops). Made of Maple. 30 inches high. I lathed the knobs. Made doors instead of drawers just because for something different.

Woods: maple

I need to create something!


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Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

You did a really nice job .

Michael De Petro ...

Pretty sharp! How are you finishing it as far as stain goes?

Madts ...

Look pretty darn good.. Wives do not seem to now how long things take to make.


Jack ...

Mighty nice work.

a1jim ...

Nice work, thank goodness for patient wives :)

Galvipa ...

Dark Mahogany stain. Should closely match my bedroom furniture.

Galvipa ...

Thank you all for the comments

Galvipa ...

Learned a lesson here. I used Polyshades. Never using it before learned the hard way what not to do when using this product. Make sure to test a lot and understand how this stuff works before using. Not happy.

Brian ...

Ouch. You can always sand it off. But I guess that’s what you mean by “not happy”. I’m not much for the water based stuff either. Nice work, by the way.

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Night stands unfinished..