Chocolate Popsicle

Needed to use the rest of this Walnut burl . This is the second
pipe design I came up with and it turned out well . I had to scrap
the first one ,so I ended up with five .
A friend saw me working on one and remarked that it looked
like a fudgesicle . She was right . I hadn’t made that connection
until she pointed it out .
I am buying a new drill press and band saw next month , so that
is something to look forward to . Just upgrading the shop
a tool at a time .
Broke the chuck on on my 33 yr. old hand drill by drilling
that burl , tough stuff , but the motor is still fine .It has cost me
about a dollar a year to operate that old craftsman drill . It just
wont quit . I went and bought a new Dewalt the same day .
I expect and hope these pipes I am making for sale will cover
the cost of the tools and some profit beyond . It has been
challenging to make these , but it has been a fun learning
experience , like most things in woodworking . Take care and
happy smoking – Moment

Woods: curly maple walnut burl

Tools: drill router miter saw

Tags: pipe


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a1jim ...

Ha Ha your so creative Moment fun and cool Pipe.

Brian ...

I would like to try a pipe. My wife would probably try to kill me. :-)

Moment ...

I see your point Brian ,….sounds Shakespearean ,
I advise not smoking a pipe then .

Thanks Jim .

Madts ...

Moment, you just cut me up.


a1jim ...

Ha Ha love it.

Moment ...

Thanks Madts !! Love to share a smile .

Moment ...

Thanks again Jim !!

Moment ...

Thanks Bruce .

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