4 panel doors.

Some Douglas fir and birch ply 1950s replica doors I was commissioned to make to match the ones upstairs in the property.

I really enjoyed making these. Doug fir is by far my favourite soft wood joinery timber and is higher up the list than most hardwoods. I had to make do with the cutters I had for these as it was not cost effective to have a new set of profile and scribe cutters made for just 4 internal doors.

Will document how I did them in a blog.

Woods: douglas fir birch plywood

Tools: tennoner mortiser spindle moulder planer jointer hand tools

Tags: professional woodworking internal door

Dreaming of a sawmill, feels like a museum. Thanks for looking Adam.


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a1jim ...

Nice looking door, very well done.

Brian ...

Now that’s my kind of door. Literally! :-)

oldrivers ...

Very good looking door, great workmanship.

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks guys. Very simple Brian

Jack ...

Those turned out beautiful, nice fit. As everything you do, top shelf!

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Jack

Whitacrebespoke ...

Thanks Bruce. Nice materials always help

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4 panel doors.