Cheap pair of low saw horses

I wanted a pair of simple low saw horses to use around the house. Since I don’t have a real workshop they’re great since they’re really easy to hide, ie under the coffee table.

The impetus to make these was me finding 6cm x 15cm Douglas fir for 10 euros / 3m at the lumber yard. I used one 3m piece to make both of them.

Current status is still “work in progress”. I can use them, but I’ll also make them nice at some point :).

The wood was a lot more moist than I thought. Should have probably left it outside covered for a couple more months before moving it inside.

Woods: douglas fir

Tools: japanese saw chisels hammer framing square block plane


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a1jim ...

These are very cool.

Jack ...

Great idea.

Brian ...

Very cool horses. One thing I learned about working with Douglas fir is that it shrinks and warps pretty good when drying. I think you’ll be fine, though.

wrtsprt ...

Thanks @Brian, I’ll report!

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Cheap pair of low saw horses