Fish scaler.

After a very hot August and a very wet start to September., the sun is finally out and the temp at 85 F. I have decided to get back into the shop.

I have started with a very simple project using the leftovers from Brian’s post the other day.
As you can see I did not have to deface American currency, just use the leftovers. I have made many of these for friends and for myself and they work great.


Tags: salt water finish

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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a1jim ...

creative and fun,what kind of finish did you use LOL

Brian ...

Awesome! And very much a tool I could use once in a while, although I prefer to field dress before I leave the water. But it’s a real beauty. I love recycling.

Madts ...

As for finish I use salt water and fish slime.


Brian ...

Salt water and fish slime are in my blood. A very fine finish indeed!

Moment ...

Coin currency is not considered " defaced " unless the sum and
date of the coin has been altered . It is then considered
" fraudulent currency " ….if you try to spend it . Otherwise ,
you may paint , drill , melt it and cast it into a fishing lure ……
make jewlery,,,,,whatever .
If you were looking for simplicity……you found it .
I would have to post a live edge backscratcher ( twig ) to
compete with you dudes . LOL

More Creations Madts

Fish scaler.