Editor's Choice - Aug 06, 2014

Our coffee table I built last year and it is solid and looking well .
I started with a completely different design which got scrapped but the base arch got used for this kerf bent leg design .

The table is made from walnut with kerf bent legs which are stronger than I expected and has a floating shelf which is supported by dowels coming up from the cross braces .
The brackets connecting the upper and lower arches also take some flex out of the leg assembly .
The whole design object of this table was to create something that had a airy feel to it and I think I archived that .


Tags: walnut table curved kerf bent arch lamination form


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Michal Bulla ...

Amazing Design Klaus – you did a great job!

kenmitzjr ...

Modem yet flowing. l’m liking this

Brian ...

Very beautiful. I have to get kerf bending one day.

kiefer ...

Thanks guys.
Yes this turned out well and next winter I will try to make some matching end tables which should be a challenge to match the design .

lanwater ...

A very fine design Klaus.

I have several pictures of coffee table and this one is art of the batch..

a1jim ...

You are not only a master builder Klaus you’re an out of this world designer too.

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