Log trailer

Its been a few years since ive been on here. I am a chainsaw carver so getting logs home to work on is a big part of being able to continue carving. Im currently in the process of making a log trailer with a log lifting arch as well as some other modifications. I just got done adding two jacks to the front and back, will be doing a winch housed in a custom built low profile tool box. Will also be doing fender tool boxes. My kids talked me into starting a youtube channel so im doing the trailer build videos as well as carving videos. You can look it up at carvings by levi or timberland trailer in the youtube search.

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Carvings by Levi


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Sage ...

Looks great and the plans for completing it should make it the ideal log trailer. Kids can get us into many things. Hope you enjoy making the videos. I’m sure they will help others.

a1jim ...

Look forward to the rest of the story.

Carvings by Levi ...

Thanks for the encouragement guys. Im really not a camera person so its a little tough getting used to. Im uploading the jacks (landing gear) video now and working on tool box.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

So far so good . Keep us posted

Carvings by Levi ...

Its all on youtube under my carvings by levi channel. Im pretty much done with the fabrication and ready to start painting.

Carvings by Levi ...

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Log trailer