Cigarette smoosher

Many of you know I’ve made a few wooden cigarette boxes to carry the reservation smoke I buy that come bulk in a bag. The last one I made was just slightly too small. I was able to fit 20 cigarettes, but only by smooshing them down as I put them in the box. I was using a ball point pen for that task but the pens were too flexible and had relatively sharp edges that sometimes ripped my smokes. Then I remembered that i had some brass rod left over from a project from a long time ago. That worked well but it was long and bulky so I cut it and turned a handle from a walnut branch.

To form the end I put the rod in my drill press and took a grinder to it. Then I “polished” it with 400 grit sandpaper. That’s the highest grit I have in. 1000 would have been better, I think. Anyway, it’s still pretty smooth and just pointed enough to push in when the ziggies are tight and almost full.

I finished it with CA glue, which I’ve never done before. Ready to use in 2 minutes! I almost passed out from the fumes, but it was nice and fast.

Ahh… this is what i call a first world problem to solve. LOL! Silly project but how else are we supposed to take up our time?

Tools: lathe drill press grinder hand saw


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a1jim ...

That’s one fancy cigarette box Brian.

Brian ...

Fancy box, fancy packer. Only the finest things in life for me! :-)

LOL, but seriously, is this not the greatest hobby ever? You get to make beautiful AND useful stuff AND have fun doing it? Sometimes I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it.

Brian ...

Oh, and i didn’t post this box, but it’s maple with walnut keys. I’m not crazy about it. It’s plain maple which turns out to be not very interesting to look at. It also gets dirty easily (mostly from my brass zippo lighter leaving oxidization on it from all the rustling in my pocket). Maybe it needs a different finish.

Moment ...

Very nice turning Brian . It looks great .

munchy ...

I like this a lot, I also have gotten too many whiffs of CA smoke. Nasty stuff.

Wes Louwagie ...

Yep, that’s pretty cool!! Do you keep it by your robe?

Brian ...

Haha! I’m just imagining a scene from Downton Abbey LOL.

Jack ...

Good looking Brian, walnut nice touch. I use to be a 3 “box” a day user but quit 30 years ago. I still at times want one as bad as the day I quit.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice idea , very well done

More Creations Brian

Cigarette smoosher