A shelf with a new roll

My son moved his ad agency to a new building. The offices were decorated in a multicolor scheme with a view towards encouraging creativity (in case you are wondering about the weird colors). There was a niche behind the toilet in the WC. I was asked to build a shelf unit to fit the niche that could hold a large number of toilet paper rolls.

I used half lap joints to make all of the openings, shown here from nearly finished to fitted into the niche. The shelves were made from dimensioned pine and then painted black. I only did the woodwork and not the painting.

What the photos don’t show is that it turned out that the measurements taken of the niche by the decorators was only done at the bottom of the niche and the top turned out to be slightly more narrow. Luckily I was able with my son’s help to plane off a very small amount from the top part of the sides of the shelf on my jointer to get a perfect fit without making the adjustment noticeable.

Tools: miter saw

Tags: shelving unit

Mike, an American living in Norway


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Jack ...

Nice and useful build Mike, easy tell when you are running low on paper. One question, how do short people access the higher rolls when needed? (-:)

lightweightladylefty ...


That’s a clever use of otherwise wasted space. Great build!


Mike40 ...

Jack It’s not as high as it appears in the photo.

a1jim ...

That’s a good use of space,no guessing where TP is in your house Mike

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A shelf with a new roll