Machinist Tool Box

Editor's Choice - Aug 21, 2014

A few years back I received my grandfathers machinist tool box and was so impressed of it’s quality that I just had to try my hand at making one. I acquired some leftover scraps of African ribbon striped mahogany from a construction job I worked on and used it to make the tool box. I made the entire box exactly like the old one except to gain more drawer space I used 18 gauge sheet metal attached to the bottom of the drawers with contact adhesive. As you can see I’m not a machinist so it houses my dremel supplies and other small carving supplies. This was a very gratifying project for me.

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Roger Strautman


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Roger Strautman ...

More pictures

Brian ...

It’s too nice for greasy machinist tools. Better for jewelry. Beautiful!

kenmitzjr ...

I’m liking this. I’ve made this style of toolbox myself……it ain’t easy!

RogerBean ...

Handsome piece of work.

lightweightladylefty ...


Wow! Thanks for sharing another of your beautiful, practical masterpieces!


lanwater ...

Impressive piece Roger.

It look nice, unlike many chunky one I have seen.

Mike40 ...

Great looking toolbox. It certainly evokes the feel of yesteryear.

ACHiPo ...

Great chest! A chest like this is on my to do list. Did you make your own plans for it?

Roger Strautman ...

I do not have any drawings because I just used the dimensions of the original. Sorry!

Mark ...

Very nice!
Where did you get the small Brass knobs?

Roger Strautman ...

I believe I bought the knobs at the local Ace hardware.

a1jim ...

Looks fantastic.

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Machinist Tool Box