A box made from Cocobolo

Editor's Choice - Aug 26, 2014

I recently built a new table for sculpting and dust collection and was anxious to give it a try and see if it worked as good as I hoped. This is the box that was my first project on the new table.
It is 10×7×5 and has a leather lined interior bottom. The finish is lacquer and buffed out.

Woods: cocobolo

Tags: sculpted box

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor


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lanwater ...

That’s a beautiful box. The cocobolo Is awesome and your carving did it justice.
Where do you get your cocobolo from? What does it go for?

Greg ...

Thanks lanwater…this was a fun box to make because I always have really liked working with Cocobolo. I have enough Cocobolo left to make one more box and I really need to find a good source for more that is reasonably priced..if reasonably priced exists for this wood anymore.
Years ago I bought a bunch of Cocobolo at a very reasonable price averaging about $9 bf. Some of the boards were as wide as 10" and as long as 96". I still have a board or two that is 3″×6″ x42

lanwater ...

Wow some nice boards.

It’s got so expensive I don’t even dare looking at it.

Greg ...

I can easily afford to look at it…but buying it is so painful…the problem is that I don’t see anyone around here carrying it anymore except for the little scraps/cutoffs that are only large enough for pens and small bowls

a1jim ...

Beautiful wood and outstanding build.

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A box made from Cocobolo