Quilted maple & Wenge Lift Top Box

Editor's Choice - Aug 28, 2014

I had one of awesome pieces of quilted maple that I rarely ever find here in southern Louisiana.
My first plan was to carve the box but after experimenting on a scrap I realized it would change the beauty of the unique grain. Therefore I decided to just make it a plain and simple flat surface design.
The finish is lacquer.

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor


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Madts ...

That is some beautiful wood. Box not too shabby either.

Greg ...

Thanks Madts…! I really need to find a reliable source for the quilted maple. It is such an amazingly beautiful wood.

shipwright ...

Although we all know you for extreme fancy, you do plain very well Greg.
Nice box.

lanwater ...

Good decision on leaving the grain alone.
Quite nice combo.

Greg ...

Thanks…my sculpted boxes and work are definitely my favorite to make but sometimes a change of design is a breath of fresh air…somewhat like taking a break…However, It is all fun and all woodworking…we do it because we enjoy it.

Mike40 ...

I love the simple clean lines and craftsmanship that went into it. Beautiful work Greg.

Greg ...

Thanks Mike40…! I appreciate the most generous comment.

a1jim ...

Amazing wood and outstanding build.

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Quilted maple & Wenge Lift Top Box