This is my new vice innovation and addition to my work bench .
Instead of posting a long explanation I include a video link which will give you much a better look at it and should be easier to understand than my usual rambling .
Also note the T Shirt that I am wearing in this video .


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lanwater ...

I think the Link to the video is not working Klaus…

Mike40 ...

Wonderful innovative vise and a wonderful bench too Klaus. I had the idea that the belt you used for gears on your twin tail vise is so versatile that it could even be used as an automobile timing belt.

grizzman ...

yea i could not get the video either, but i did look at the pictures you have here, what a beautiful vise.

kiefer ...

Good Morning
The video on you tube has been a problem to get it up and running but the video is up now and this link should work for you .

kiefer ...

Thanks lanwater
The video should work now if not let me know .

Thanks Mike
That is funny but those belts are so versatile and can be of use in many applications even cars and I am referring to toy car wheels .

Thanks Grizzman
Sorry about that but try it now but the video is almost 19 min.long so sit down and watch and let me know if you have any questions .



Tim Dahn ...

Klaus, your amazing.
Thanks for the video tour of you bench, well thought out.

Brian ...

Wonderful bench, wonderful vises. The step on lever vise is still my favorite and I do plan to make it.

lanwater ...

Thanks for the video Klaus.
The vise is getting better and better.

I got to say your are an amazing engineer.

kiefer ...

Thanks all for the kind comments and I am glad that the video link works and you enjoyed it .
Keep posting and encourage others to join us here .
Keep making projects and share them with us here .


RogerBean ...

Great bench. And a really nice design for the vises. Makes me wonder if I should replace my current benches with something better! Well done.

lightweightladylefty ...


That’s a very nice addition to an already handsome workbench. I’d love to watch the video but 19 minutes on dial-up would take at least three weeks to download! ;-(


BarbS ...

Kiefer, this is a very innovative bench. Lots of ideas and inspiration. Thanks for posting this!

a1jim ...

Not only do you make a wonderful bench and vice but they’re beautiful too .

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