Layered star wall hanging

Editor's Choice - Sep 24, 2014

This is a layered 32" chip carved star that I just finished. The edges are stained and the surfaces were bleached before chip carving. Basswood was the choice of wood for this on. All compound cuts so precision was a must because of the layers.

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Roger Strautman


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lanwater ...

This is fascinating Roger.
I must have taken a lot of work. The result is sticking.

Well done!

lightweightladylefty ...


I can’t begin to imagine getting all those compound cuts accurate. The amount of detail on this is incredible. Fantastic work!


Brian ...

I learned here how to “fix” compound mitres, but it requires an even number of sides. Yours requires perfection from the beginning. Great job!

Richforever ...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

a1jim ...

Amazing design and great build.

Kelly ...

That’s “just” dang nice. You aren’t going to do something criminal and put it where nature can beat on it, are you?

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Layered star wall hanging