Double cracked bandsawbox

Editor's Choice - Oct 01, 2014

Hi guys!

I’ve done a double cracked bandsawbox and the double crack is not the only feature of this box. I cutted one board into pieces glued them together, put 2 PenBlanks as decorative unit in it, cutted of the back, the front, cutted out the drawers… bandsawbox business as usual. And yes turned knobs on it.
And that`s it!

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lanwater ...

Thanks for sharing.
I have always wondered how they do the crack. Especial around drawers.

Hoizbastla ...

just cut the crack out before doing any work on the drawers….

Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful box, thanks for sharing!

Willie ...

Really like the design of your box! Great choice of woods.

a1jim ...

First one I’ve seen with the double crack,very cool.