Something from Nothing!

At the last 3 fairs, I managed to sell out of bread boards. We have the holiday fairs coming up starting in November and I decided to make more breadboards (duh!) but change the handles a bit. So I made 11 19 inch x 5 inch bread boards and had all these little rectangles left over from cutting the handles. Now, being someone who hates to waste wood, I wondered what to do with them. I had this idea of making a single cutting board with all these scraps (22 of them to be exact). I had to square each one up and make a jig to hold them. The biggest problem was getting enough clamps on them as I had to stagger the rows to be sure I got good coverage with the glue (and that they would look good). The first and last pictures are the cutting board… the other 3 are the bread boards. Now I know what to do with all those handle scraps!
Thanks for looking!!
Someday one of these woodworking websites will give a prize for the best use of scraps! Maybe I’ll win that one ;-)



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lanwater ...

You made a good combination out of the pieces. Yup, I counted 22. I missed the tiny walnut piece on the first count :)

Last time you had a lot more boards. I guess you still have 30 days to make more.

Hope you sell all of them.

Ellen ...

Actually, there are only 16 rectangles… the stripes come from a single piece. The last few pieces were meh so I did not use them.

Mike40 ...

Waste not want not! Excellent use of the waste Ellen (which becomes…… unwaste?).

Britboxmaker ...

Clean lines and elegant, Ellen.

Something for nothing, indeed

Joe Lyddon ...

Very COOL way of using up small pieces of leftovers!


Just plain SUPER COOL!

I think You’ve Got It!

Thank you!

John Stoler ...

Looks great!
Thanks for posting

Sheri ...

Great idea they are beautiful !!

a1jim ...

great wood combo Ellen.

More Creations Ellen

Something from Nothing!