Walnut butcher block bar top

This butcher block bar top is 8’ x 20” with alternating hard maple stripes running the length of the bar. I made this for a friend this past winter and he as since painted the room to match the maple stripes. I used my fathers old Stanley doweling jig, since I don’t have a biscuit jointer (I have to get one!). I put a 1/4” dowel every 12, inches and destroyed two 1/4” brad point bits in the process. But, overall I was very satisfied with the results!

Thanks for looking!

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Greg Ferdinand ...

at first glance i thought that was sapwood. It looks great. Good job

Nicky ...

The results are excellent. Worth the sacrifice of the bits.

I especially like the finish.

Cutworm ...

Nice. The wife is wanting wooden counter tops.
We just bought quartz tops…….

a1jim ...

A unique idea for a counter ,great job.

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Walnut butcher block bar top