This box I named BRANDY because of the beautiful colour the cherry turned when I put on the finish.
This is a box that I had no idea what it would look like and I started with a cherry board and just went from there adding aspen and walnut for contrast just let the design evolve as I tried different ideas and in the end I think I got a beautiful box that will make a nice gift .
The box contains cherry ,aspen and walnut and is fitted with solid brass hinges the liners are made from heavy upholstery cloth .
The size is 12” X 6” X 4” and even so it does not conform to the golden rule it has a very balanced look .
The finish is oil and bees wax .
Hope you like it .

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Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful box!

Les Hastings ...

Nice looking box!

Cutworm ...


kdc68 ...

Amazing work ! Thanks for sharing

lanwater ...

Very nice box Kiefer.
The grain alignment is incredibly precise all around.

Tim Dahn ...

Another great looking box Kiefer, lots of detail on this one.

crazyD ...

Beautiful box and very creative. Once I tried making a box with lines in it and was told it looked like a sandwich. That was a great inspiration. Nothing nearly as nice as yours.

a1jim ...

Amazing design and fantastic woods ,a box anyone would love,great job Klaus.

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