Heart Jewelry Box (for my Grand Daughter)

I made this for my 5 year old Grand Daughter’s birthday.
The body is Padauk with a Maple insert in the lid. I searched around a lot for a unique music box song, ending up with Ravel’s Bolero.

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I measured it twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!


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Moment ...

This is such a lovely music box . If I received this as a gift , I would
be speechless ………..exquisite form and workmanship !

lanwater ...

Very nice.

You did really well in keeping the padauck from bleeding on the inlay.

I love this box. I built 1 for my wife and 1 for my mother. They both love it.

Brian ...

Amazing heirloom gift. Great job.

Ellenski ...

Hi can you give the dimensions of this? Very nice work! Guessing that the music box is hidden under it? Love the way the inside mirrors the outside. Great design.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Beautiful story, beautiful box.

Jeff ...

lining the lid up with the base when attaching the hinges must have been a challenge. beautiful box. the simplicity of the design is attractive. The composition of the grain and the inlay on the lid is appealing to the eye.

Jeff ...

may I suggest engraving or attaching an engraved plate with who/when it was made and why. she will likely pass this down.

Madts ...

Now that is very cool. Are you sure that you made it big enough_

DLMcKirdy ...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Ellenski, the top and bottom were cut out from 8 1-1″ × 9″ rectangles. I believe the body was four 3/4" thick pieces glued together into a block.

Madts, no box will be big enough for a young girls treasures!

a1jim ...

Very nice design and build.

Steve Tow ...

That’s a beauty!

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Heart Jewelry Box (for my Grand Daughter)