Candy Cart

Editor's Choice - Oct 17, 2014

Sometimes you just feel the need to make something just because you want to. And that’s OK.

There used to be a lady at work who would keep the office stocked up on candy. Kelly the Candy Lady, I would call her.

I even made up a candy sign to keep at her desk. I then thought it would be neat to make some sort of candy dish to replace the random bowls/containers and an image of an old-fashioned candy cart came to mind.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t much long after that Kelly the Candy Lady left for a job located closer to her home. So the candy cart remained an idea in the back of my brain.

But it didn’t stay there. What I had in mind was too fun to not make! So little by little, as time allowed between other projects, I started the cart! And what was really unique (for me) was that I just made it up as I went along. None of my normal 3D Cad drawings and measurements. Just a tape measure and mostly scrap wood.

It now sits proudly in the office, keeping everyone in a sugar-induced coma.



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lanwater ...

Maybe I should say “SWWEEET”.

Martin Sojka ...

Welcome Jchon. Good to see you here ;)

Michal Bulla ...

Perfect, great job!

Jchon Paradise ...

Thanks all – now on to the next project… a display case for 2002 Winter Olympics torch :)

lanwater ...

Having seen this one, I would love to see the next.

Mike40 ...

Wonderful project and nicely done!

a1jim ...

Unique and fun project,great job.