Murphy Bed Unit

I never have been able to get back to take better pics but these are what I have.
The unit is built out of walnut ply with hardwood faces.
The accents are painted black. (the kick, the front trim pc on the counter top, and the top trim).
I bought the bed hardware from I selected the Supreme Steel Package that has a 25 year warranty. It was a bit pricey but eliminated a lot of work and had the warranty. I would use it again unless I had a tight budget to stick to.
I used LED strip lighting at the top of the murphy bed and put in regular 110 volt recessed lights in the header in between the 2 side units.
The finish is stained with pre-cat lacquer top coat.

Thanks for looking

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lanwater ...

I love Bently!

Your work truly shine.

How do you support the “half” shelves located where the bed close? I am thinking a screw from the back. If so what’s the thickness of the back.
I really like the style and want to use it sometimes. I also like the lights, they shine uniformly.

Moment ...

Nice build and great finish Bentlyj .

shipwright ...

I’m not really a fan of “modern” Bently but you certainly do it well so at least I can admire the craftsmanship. :-)

Brian ...

That looks great. Definitely a job well done.

David E. ...

Looks great Bently! I love how you were able to keep the same wood tone throughout both the hardwood and plywood. That’s a trick I have yet to learn…

Bentlyj ...

lanwater, Thanks. The shelves are as you thought, screwed from behind, and through the side.
It’s a 3/4" back and I used 3 1/2" screws. The shelves are only 6" deep and felt very sturdy.

Thanks Moment

Thanks shipwright, it seems that the contemporary style is popular here right now. I seem to be getting a lot of it, could be the designers that are using me. It’s not my favorite either. I’m much more “Old World” feel.

Thank You Brian

Thank You David, Walnut (IMO) is easy to keep the color close. Both ply and hardwood take the stain very well.
It also helps to pick good color hardwood from the start. Other than that I didn’t do anything special to either one.

Moving on to the next: (another Murphy Bed, go figure)
Here are a couple of rough draft SU drawings:

lightweightladylefty ...


Nice work! I don’t remember if you said whether there is only one Murphy bed or if the left side is identical to the right.

I’m also not a fan of contemporary furniture, but I do appreciate your fine workmanship.

It looks like that next Murphy bed project will be pretty complex, too.


lightweightladylefty ...


I just found your answer that there’s only one bed.


Renners ...

This is another fine piece of work BentlyJ. Nice proportions and the usual top class build and finish.

a1jim ...

Wonderful built in,cool design and build.

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