A quick Knife block

Editor's Choice - Oct 21, 2014

Ever since we re-did the kitchen in this house I’ve been looking for a place for the cooking knives. Today I made this while waiting for the glue to dry on the medicine cabinet I’m making. I’d like to take credit for the clever use of space in the cabinet but I saw a similar idea on another website.

4mm MDF front and back cut out on the bandsaw, thin scrap ash spacers and a quick spray of rattle can black paint. Really it was all scraps so essentially free.

Out of the way but right next to the food prep station.

Woods: ash mdf

Tools: bandsaw

Tags: knifeblock scrap wood

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)


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Mike40 ...

Nice work on this and a really great way to keep the knives out of sight and out of the way.

David E. ...

I like it. The only problem I’d have are the tiny hands that like to go into cabinets they shouldn’t be in. They keep breaking the child locks! ERR!

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

The blades are completely enclosed but yeah, kids make it dangerous. I have a child free environment but you could always use an upper cabinet.

lanwater ...

That’s a nice solution to a common problem.

Brian ...

Great space saver! There is never enough storage in a kitchen.

a1jim ...

very nice design,good job Alec.

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A quick Knife block