Comode Cabinet

When my Ikea look-alike floor-standing “organizer” suffered trenchfoot after a toilet flooding incident and collapsed, I built this cabinet out of poplar and hardboard “bead board”. It hangs on the wall with a French cleat and one screw to secure it from jumping off the cleat. I finished it with an off-white interior enamel sprayed on in two coats. I also re-faced the vanity cabinet with the same doors and drawer fronts.

Tags: cabinet poplar

I measured it twice, cut it twice, and it is still too short!


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kdc68 ...

Nicely done !….thanks for sharing

lanwater ...

That is great storage in a tight space.
It sure beats Ikea. I still have some of ikea stuff from my apartment days; they are slowly becoming extinct :)

a1jim ...

Super idea and good design.

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Comode Cabinet