Pipe Smoking Hemlock Face Carving

“Pipin’ Parader”

This fella’ really enjoys a good smoke. He appreciates the solitude and reflection that accompany his evening-time toke. It’s the time of day when he can rest his legs and stretch out his toes for a bit. He sits, thinks, smokes and smiles of the day past and beauty that surrounds him.

15 1/2" tall, 4" wide and 3 1/2" thick

I carved this pipe-smoking rascal in a Hemlock knot. Hemlock knots can be found out in the woods where a Hemlock tree once resided. The rest of the tree rots away much quicker than the pitch-filled resilient, blank canvases of the woods :)

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munchy ...

As always an intriguing inspiration piece.

JoshCarteArt ...

Thank you, sir :)

lanwater ...

Well he seems to be very content and really enjoying it.
When a carving is conveying expressions, you know it’s really good.

Moment ...

You have a unique and soulful style ,
very nice carvings .

JoshCarteArt ...

Thanks, Ianwater and Moment :)

a1jim ...

Wow that’s great ,super carving.

JoshCarteArt ...

Thank you very much, a1jim!

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Pipe Smoking Hemlock Face Carving