Turning a chest into a table

Editor's Choice - Nov 03, 2014

I was asked to take an African wood chest that was brought over by a clients grandparents many years ago and build a mission dining table out of it. The massive chest made the top with 2 leaves and I bought Some African mahogany boards from PJWhite Hardwoods in town to build the base. I finished it with 3 coats of tung oil and one coat of brush on polyurethane followed with 6 coats of wipe on poly.

Woods: african mahogany

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lanwater ...

Impressive work.

The miter tenon ends looks great. Any worry about wood movement in that area?
The table looks great. Did you make the chairs too?

The finish bring out a lot of warmth. I really like the results.

Mike40 ...

Beautiful table and excellent work. I couldnā€™t see the ā€˜surpriseā€™ too well, what was it?

Narinder Jugdev ...

I found about a dozen 2" wood screws from the maker of the chest. I assume that he had no clamps as he built it on the side of the road I was told. I Donā€™t think the mitered tenons are wide enough to worry about movement and they are pinned with open tops if there was any. No, I used our home chairs for the photos. I have chair building on my bucket list.
Thank you very much for the nice comments. Cheers

Angela Maddock ...

The table and chairs are beautifulā€¦amazing!
Amazing you made them from the chest, very cool.

lightweightladylefty ...

The table looks fantastic! Your client must have been thrilled.


a1jim ...

It all looks great,African mahogany can be troublesome to finish sometimes.

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Turning a chest into a table