I think EMBRACE is a good name for this sculpture which I created in memory of my wifes sister which recently passed away .
While visiting with my wifes family and making funeral arrangements I tried to occupy my mind with thoughts of the time that lay before us all and what I could create as a memory to her life for her children and grandchildren .
When we returned home and I entered my shop it all came to me just like it was meant to be , there where four sets of arches that I had made a while ago but could not come up with a design to complete them and I simply added a walnut cross and stone base to complete the sculpture .
They will be sent to our niece and nephew to be placed in a special place in their home .

Sorry for not being online lately but the circumstances did not seem right nor did I feel like spending time in the shop although I found that it is good therapy in the last couple of days as life must go on .


Woods: walnut red willow

Tools: band saw spindle sander table saw


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Manitario ...

Classy work as always Klaus. My condolences about your sister in law’s passing.

grizzman ...

this inspires one to think of the Savior, The Lord Jesus, the woods you choose work well together…its beautiful…

lanwater ...

Welcome Back Klaus.. Sorry to here a bout your sister in law passing.
You came up with a great design. They are gorgeous.

Brian ...

Sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure these beautiful sculptures will occupy a special place in the home and the heart.

Richforever ...

Lots of meaning in this creation! Gorgeous! Peaceful! Uplifting!

MsDebbieP ...

sorry about your loss :(
The sculpture is beautiful and will hold a lot of meaning for loved ones for years to come.

a1jim ...

Way cool Klaus.

Rolando Pupo ...

Such a beautiful sculpture. I am making my 3rd copy of your creation. I am going to give it to my pastor. It represents to me several things (A man and a Woman living a Christ Centered life)( The Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) (The redemptive work of Christ and his love by His dying on the cross)

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