Sofa / Hall Table

Editor's Choice - Nov 05, 2014

I noticed this hall table on Fine woodworking’s website and loved the curved legs and floating top. So, I decided to make one with some of my own personal touches. The legs are made from 8/4 stock which I did not have, so I laminated some 4/4 stock. The base and legs are made from curly cherry and the top is black walnut. I especially like the sap wood running through the top of the table. The curved legs took the most time, trying to get all four exactly the same. The table is put together with mortise and tenon joinery! Overall, I am very please with how this project came out. I finished the table with 4 coats of general finishes armor seal!

Thanks for looking

Woods: curly cherry black walnut

Tools: table saw chisels drill press clamps

Tags: hall table sofa table

Hartman Woodworks llc.


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Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

I was caught right away by the beautiful legs. You managed to get them perfectly. Elegant just isn’t a good enough word. How the heck is that top attached?

David E. ...

I have always loved the floating top tables, and yours is a beauty. I’m also a fan of the sap wood running through, since it gives it such a unique appearance. I’ve been wanting to build one myself, but have no where to put it. One of these days!

Hartman Woodworks ...

Thank you for all of the nice comments! The top is attached with two horizontal runners placed 1/3 of the way in from each end. The runners sit proud of the rails 1/4", making the top appear to float.

a1jim ...

Wonderful lines ,an excellent build.

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Sofa / Hall Table