Screw University

A long time ago, I saw an example of this on another site, and have always wanted to make one, just for fun. I was screwing around in the shop earlier, and I thought, why not make today the day. Made from a walnut scrap with lots of sap wood and a 3/8" by 8" lag screw. I think I’ll hang it over my office door…

Have a great night everyone, and Happy Birthday to any Marines out there in woodworking land and beyond. I know its a bit early, but the party’s tonight!


Tools: drill press sander forstner bit hand saw

Tags: gag gift screw


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munchy ...

Lol……… I’m making one tonight, thank you for making my night.

lanwater ...

I scratch my head a little but why not? It’s all about having fun anyway.

Brian ...

Semper fi, my man! Nice door sign. Exactly what I need!

Richforever ...

Wow! You are really good at doing that! Thanks for posting.

Madts ...

Now on my list to make. Thanks for posting.

a1jim ...

This sends a message.

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Screw University