Fireplace TV stand

Martin has asked for some old creations, so here is one. It’s made from birch plywood. Built in 3 sections and a 1/2" layer of glass on top. The fire place insert was over a grand wholesale but well worth it. My 60" TV sits on top nicely. The colour is minwax with 3 coats of satin on top. We have been enjoying this for 3 years now and it’s built to last a hundred. Thanks all for looking.

Woods: birch baltic birch plywood

Tools: table saw router table

Tags: tv cabinet

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!


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lanwater ...

You been keeping a gem from us :)

I like it.

Not heat related problem on the finish wood?

Thorreain ...

The fireplace insert is made by Dimplex, and it’s electric. No heat related issues Ian, the finish is water based KTM 9. It’s a nitro cellulose replacement in water base form. The total length is over nine foot, and it seems to attract every bit of dust in the house.

lanwater ...

A dust magnet! If I have that my wife can’t complain anymore. She thinks all the dust in the house come from my shop (:

Martin Sojka ...

That’s great. Thanks for posting.

Now everybody should post “all-time fave” creation :)

Mike40 ...

So the ‘fireplace’ is just for show? Great work on this. I think the dust must be attracted by that huge TV screen. It must create a lot of static electricity (not that I know anything about electricity).

Thorreain ...

The fireplace does provide heat, 1500w. The whole unit seems to attract dust. I must think up a way to positively charge wood using AC a converter and maybe an induction coil….hmmm anyone else on here an electrical engineer, besides me? Maybe a metallic magnetic additive for water based varnish…

a1jim ...

That’s a wonderful combination,one that I’ve never seen the likes of before,great build.

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Fireplace TV stand