Here is a older project that I thought was worth sharing .
It is one of my favorite tools that I invented and to this day has not seen any work in the shop it just sits on a shelf and looks pretty .

It is made from walnut ,plantation teak,ready rod and leather lace and some odds and ends .
The pictures show the mant function it can perform but the main objective was to make a clamp that could clamp a box shape and manipulate it into a true ninety degree angle the other functions where just a extra benefit .


Woods: walnut jig

Tags: clamp ornament


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shipwright ...

Hey Klaus, pretty’s good too. ……….. and you have another clamp that is exceptionally good at squaring boxes. ……….. and by the way it makes very attractive book ends.

kiefer ...

In the first picture you can also see that little bevel gauge that *you *made for me and it gets used a lot ,just one of those tools that is dear to me .

Thorreain ...

Your stuff never ceases to amaze me. Everything you make seems to have the right combination of woods. Great job.

Dutchy ...

Thank you for sharring. It makes me glad.

Mike40 ...

The only problem with your wonderful shop-made tools Klaus is that they are just too pretty to be kept in the shop.

Madts ...

Klaus. Looks too pretty to use, unless for…… book holder.
Very nice.

Brian ...

Form and function! Beautiful.

lightweightladylefty ...


" it just sits on a shelf and looks pretty ." . . . and that it does very well!


Shin ...

That’s SO awesome. I love mechanical beauty, like that clamp, and your jigs, and fixtures, and . . . . .

a1jim ...

It does look pretty,great design and build.

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