A Family Coatrack and Shelf

Editor's Choice - Nov 26, 2014

A friend asked me to make something for a wedding, then left me on my own, as too happens.

The entire project was made using scraps and this is what he received.

If memory serves, the back is birch ply, the top and corbels African mahogany and the blocks cherry. The backing of the lettering is either mirror or stainless steel flashing.

The lettering was made by tracing stencils, then cutting the letters out using my saber saw. It took about a day to get it done. One more to complete the finish. To speed up finishing, I used shellack.

Woods: birch ply african mahogany cherry

Tools: band saw table saw scroll saw sander

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David E. ...

Looks great! I love the metal underlayment mixed with the warm wood. Makes for a great effect! Thank you for sharing.

a1jim ...

Very cool gift ,great job.

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A Family Coatrack and Shelf