Packing Crate Timber Table

I needed to fix the top of an old outdoor table we have been using for ages. All the top slats had started to rot away.

At my brothers factory he has a lot of deliveries of long material and the packing crates are just sitting outside until they are thrown away, so I grabbed some to use on the old table. After pulling the old slats off the top I noticed that the timber underneath was also rotting away, so I just built a complete new table.

I ran the timber packing crate timber through a thicknesser before cutting to length. My daughter used a block plane to chamfer the edges of the top slats.

Pretty happy with the result considering all the material was free.

Tools: thicknesser block plane sliding compound saw

Tags: palette timber palette furniture reclaimed timber table

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Thorreain ...

Very pretty. I’m sure you will get a lot of use out of it. Do you know what type of wood it is? Are you planning on building bench seats to match? What finish do you think you will use on it?

Michal Bulla ...

very nice!

Steve Oz-DIY-Handyman ...

Thorreain, the wood is some type of pine. You can see a picture of the pile of packing timber I found it in here in my blog post:
Also, I ended up finishing it with an oil stain because it will be outside most of the time. I brushed it on and left it for 3 hours, then wiped the excess off with a rag. Turned out great.

Steve Oz-DIY-Handyman ...

Thanks Michal!

lanwater ...

You got a decent source of lumber for a while…

Steve Oz-DIY-Handyman ...

Ianwater – and it keeps on coming! It’s just a bit time consuming going through and finding the most usable “un-twisted” bits.

a1jim ...

It’s hard to believe this is made from pallet wood ,very nice work.