Old Project - Book case

I was commissioned to do this piece 30 years ago. The client changed their mind after it was completed because they had a new baby on the way and wanted a crib instead, lol. Well I put it to good use.

Woods: oak mahogany

Tools: table saw miter saw

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!


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lanwater ...

Solid wood? Oak and mahogany… A pricey bookcase.

Thorreain ...

Ya it was vey pricy back then. I think I had over $1000 in materials into it at the time. At the same time in the shop I had a complete set of kitchen cabinets and a library full of book shelves (7 sets), all in production in my little workshop. All of it was in oak, but different colour stains. At the time the other two jobs paid very well so I could afford the loss on this one. I did build them a crib for the baby, and was appointed his godfather, and after that was best man too….lol

Thorreain ...

The mahogany was twice the price of oak here at the time. The top and base trim are all mahogany. Dimensions 80″ × 16″ × 40″.

lanwater ...

Well, a heirloom now.

Not only they left you with a loss but they made sure you don’t forget all the birthdays. LOL

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Wow very cool. Glad you brought this up from that company posting about bookshelves. Beautiful.

a1jim ...

Customers can be unpredictable but you won on this one.

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Old Project - Book case