Some older projects

These are some projects I have made over the past year or so. The first photo is a carving of my great-nephew’s head – carved from yellow cedar. The second is a mirror frame on which I burned a celtic design. The third and 4th photos are of a box I created for a wedding present to hold the guest book. The last photo is a basket I scroll sawed for a Christmas present.

Woods: yellow cedar mahogany basswood

Tools: hand carving knives and gouges scroll saw wood burning pens

Tags: carving scroll saw wood boxes basket fretwork



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lightweightladylefty ...


You certainly are multi-talented! Thanks for sharing all your lovely projects.


Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful projects, thanks for sharing!

Celticscroller ...

Thank you LW and Michal.

Jack ...

You have such a nice touch. Amazing and beautiful.

Celticscroller ...

Thank you Jack. Appreciate your comment.

a1jim ...

Lots of great projets,very impressive.

Celticscroller ...

Thank you Jim.

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Some older projects