Mahogany conference room table 2 1/2" thick top X 6' 8" wide 15' long

Mahogany conference room table 2 1/2" thick X 6’ 8" wide 15’ long .
Built from sketches from the customer .
To big to build in my shop ,so I took over my wife’s carport. Closed it in with traps and added lights .
Selected the wood from Wall Lumber in NC. planed , pre-sanded, splined, and glued together.
Planed and drum sanded before routing spline joints and gluing together.
Used router to mortise for bread board ends on top. Skill saw to cut boat shape on top. Belt sander to finish sanding top after glued together .
Sanding on top for 4 full days until it was flat and could see no sanding scratches .
Stained with Min wax and sprayed with lacquer 10 hand rubbed coats.

Woods: mahogany

Tools: planer drum sander router skill saw bar clamps belt sander palm sander


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Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...


Jack ...


Brian ...

I assume you measured the office doors and hallways before accepting that job. He he.. That’s a monster.

lightweightladylefty ...

That’s quite an undertaking! The table turned out beautiful. It must weigh a ton.

“Closed it in with traps and added lights.” When I read that, I figured you have the same problem as we do with squirrels, field mice, woodchucks, etc. and wanted to make certain they didn’t mess up your work. Then I saw the last picture and realized you meant tarps. Two letters twisted around can really twist the meaning! LOL


Mike40 ...

Not just large, but really beautiful too. I can tell from your work description that nothing less than perfect gets out of your shop!

a1jim ...

That’s one amazing conference table,fantastic build.

Thorreain ...

It could be called a great table suitable for a great room or great hall. It’s beautiful.

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Mahogany conference room table 2 1/2" thick top X 6' 8" wide 15' long