Spline Jig

Editor's Choice - Dec 10, 2014

I posted this jig on another woodworking site and it has been very popular. So thought I’d share it here as well.
I had been using a jig I cobbled together and I couldn’t have gotten rid of it soon enough. This is a pleasure to use.

I got inspiration to build this from these two guys from Lumberjocks.com.

Constructed of 3/4” MDF, 1/4” MDF, 3/4” plywood and 4/4 poplar scraps. The construction is pretty typical of most sleds. I did however incorporate removable and replaceable zero clearance inserts made from 1/4” MDF. The “T” tracks and accessories are from Rockler Woodworking. I’ve been using this jig for quite sometime and one thing I can think of to further add to it’s functionality is a measurement tape. So at some point I will add an adhesive measuring tape so I can dial in on exact measurements and repeat settings.

Woods: 3/4" mdf 1/4" mdf 3/4" plywood scraps 4/4 poplar scraps

Tools: table saw router table brad nailer miter saw

Tags: jig spline jig jigs workshop improvement

Measure "at least" twice and cut once


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David E. ...

Very nice jig. Much nicer than my fence rider. Love all the features. This is going in the upgrade list for sure!

kdc68 ...

Thanks David. I appreciate the compliment

kdc68 ...

Thanks for choosing this for Editor’s Choice !

Shin ...

Nice sled. I need to build one.

kdc68 ...

Thanks Shin. This jig makes the process a whole lot easier

a1jim ...

Pretty darn nice jig.

kdc68 ...

Thank you Jim !

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Spline Jig