Lazy Susans

These are some Lazy Susans that I made. They are 14 inches in diameter. I used maple, cherry, purpleheart and walnut in combinations that seemed to complement each other. They are on Lazy Susan mechanisms that are available cheaply on line. I find that the really cheap ones are very noisy. I finished them in 6 coats of poly and a couple of coats of wax.
Thanks for looking

Woods: maple



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Thorreain ...

Beautiful! I just love Purple Heart before it turns back to brown, but even when it does it’s still beautiful.

Ellen ...

I’ve not experienced the changeover of color although I know it happens! I try to keep everything in the sun… including me (sunny disposition ;-)

Mike40 ...

Looks great Ellen. The maple and cherry look great with the purple heart. I like the purple heart. I bought a plank of it not so long ago, but I haven’t yet decided what to do with it. I understand that it is very hard and dulls tool edges pretty quick, but the color is just too interesting to ignore it.

Sheri ...

I really like your lazy Susan’s!! What kind of glue and stain did you use?

Ellen ...

I use Titebond III on all my work. I find that it lasts and gives me piece of mind. I don’t stain anything I make. I just use different wood species.
Thanks for looking.

a1jim ...

That’s beautiful ,I really like the wood combo.

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