Old Project - Deck

Last summer we purchased a new camper as our old one just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So, we had to upgrade and lift the deck. My son being a true carpenter made short work of it reusing several decks combined to create a 36′ × 8′ beauty. It is free standing and floating on deck blocks. I designed the whole thing and lent a hand with all the CMS cuts. It took him a little over 4 hours to build it, having all the neighbours lift the decking onto the frame need a lot of people, so my wife went from camper to camper asking " can I borrow some men" which got more than a few laughs. It is made from pressure treated spruce.it seems to hold up well so far, having 25 people on it without moving during a party, but we will see in the spring if it has moved much with the snow and frost.

Tools: hand saw skill saw reciprocating saw hand drill

Tags: deck

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!


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Mike40 ...

Looks very nice Chris. Lucky you to have such a handy son and fast too!

Thorreain ...

I think he’s build hundreds of decks. This one was a bunch of pieces that needed to be joined and a solid but not permanent frame so it went up real fast!

3fingerpat ...

Nicely done, good team effort.

lanwater ...

It always work nicely when it’s a team effort.

Nice work.

kiefer ...

Your dog looks a little sceptical but to me it looks pretty sturdy and ready for a party .
Great job on reusing previously enjoyed material .


a1jim ...

It turned out very well .

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Old Project - Deck