Hope Chest

Love this hope chest made out of solid Black Walnut with a touch of Hickory on the ends of the suspended shelf. The lid is designed to holds items also.

Woods: black walnut hickory

Tools: table saw router table biscut joiner power drill all festool equipment

Denise R Reno


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Mike40 ...

Beautiful chest. I like the cat too.

DR. Reno ...

Thank you Mike. Both my girls were playing around it after I put it in my room. Though Ying (the siameese on the top blends in well with the black walnut)

Thorreain ...

Very nice. It’s a great design!

DR. Reno ...

Thank you Thorreain

Jack ...

The walnut hope chest is just beautiful, such a nice blend of colors. The raised front panel really sets it off. I just bought a bit to try to some, hope they turn out as nice as yours. Thank you for posting.

DR. Reno ...

Thank you Jack,
All 4 sides are raised panels. The top is what spured the project. I found 2 slabs of black walnut that mirrored one another with live edges and started from there.

Jay ...

I like all of your pieces, very artistic.
I really like the walnut chest

a1jim ...

This is one gorgeous chest Denise.

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