this is older project but still a favorite
I chose V2 for the title because the design represents a two cylinder motor bike engine in about half scale .
Building this box has been a bit of a challenge for me since I have never attempted a project like this and I wanted to incorporate the spirit of the contest motto ,like “twist, secret and jewelry” .
The box is built mainly using the bandsaw and has a drawer ,two secret compartments that twist and a couple jewelry type decorations .
The cylinders are held in place by a bayonet type lock(see bolts at back and slot in cylinder ) and can be removed with a simple twist but first the air filter has to be removed forward as it locks both cylinders and keeps them from being turned . The inside of the cylinders are about 9”high by 2” in diameter ,room for lots of stuff to be hidden .
This band saw box is a present to my son in law .
The bike he owns has a beautiful looking engine which is the inspiration for this box design .


Tools: band saw

Tags: box


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grizzman ...

wow, that is a beautiful piece of wood work, i love it

shipwright ...

I still like this one. I’ve had two bikes with V engines, a Harley and a Honda so I have a soft spot for the design to start with.

Manitario ...

very cool!

lanwater ...

Original Klaus!
Very nice.

Thorreain ...

Very nice.

Mike40 ...

Very interesting and well done box Klaus. The perfect gift to someone with a bike.

kiefer ...

Thanks guys and my son in law is enjoying it very much and that makes it all worth the effort .


a1jim ...

So cool so creative so kiefer,great job Klaus.

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