Cherry Cabinet

I finished this little cherry cabinet that my wife uses for jewelry early in 2009 . I remember this as was one of my first projects that I designed myself.I think it was one of those napkin drawings and then I had to figure out the strategy to build it. Its not that complicated a piece but when your used to doing everything from a plan it was sorta going out on a limb for me. The Blue Jay is from a photo from a book & the other bird is a Blue Faced Honey Eater taken from a George Raper drawing c1788. I have this fascination with birds and so I really enjoyed doing the marquetry for this. Thanks for looking

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-- Paul--- Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. — Scott Adams


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shipwright ...

Just a great piece Paul. I love the birds of course but the legs/support structure are really well done too.

Mike40 ...

A great looking piece of furniture Paul and I love the marquetry work too.

BarbS ...

Very nice design. I’ll bet your wife loves it.

Steve Gaskins ...

Paul, very nice piece. I’m curious about the marquetry. Did you cut the background and the picture (bird) at the same time? Please forgive me for asking such an elementary question, but the background looks like traditional hardwood, and not veneer. I guess I’m really showing how little I know about marquetry here, Paul. Your piece is beautiful! Thanks for posting.

tinnman65 ...

That’s a fair question Steve , I cut the marquetry for the birds first and then the birds were cut into a wide piece of cherry veneer, that was then glued to the solid cherry sides before I did any of the joinery. It worked great because I didn’t have cherry boards that wide so the veneer covered up the seams in the sides.

a1jim ...

Amazing work and design.

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Cherry Cabinet