Facets ..... The last of three

Facets is so named because it reminds me of a cut stone in a setting. It is a dodecahedron box withe a wooden hinge and again, hand dyed marquetry in “watercolor” style. The marquetry was done as in Cabinetree, in double bevel style on the scroll saw. This is the last piece I did that way before moving on to build my first chevalet.
The box is veneered with shop sawn Bubinga and Western Maple and the base is ebonized Garry Oak. The gold leaf accents are imitation stuff that applies very much like the real thing and works quite well.

Thanks for looking,


Woods: bubinga western maple garry oak

Tools: scroll saw

Tags: marquetry box box on stand wooden hinge

If God wanted us to have fiberglass boats he would have given us fiberglass trees.


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lanwater ...

Very nice.

The base is very elegant. The “gold” leaf really enhance it
Where do you buy them from?

shipwright ...

Did you notice the toes? Here’s the imitation gold leaf.

lanwater ...

I did but the main focus was at the part holding the to box.

Thanks !

Brian ...

Those are right joints. Is not easy to cut those compound mitres and have them all line up perfectly. Nice design too.

Thorreain ...

Absolutely elegant man, all three are really.

Martin Sojka ...

This is called Art, Paul. Congrats!

Mike40 ...

Certainly one of a kind and so well made. I agree with Martin. More art than carpentry, although the carpentry is also very challenging and so well done too!

Manitario ...

you’re killing us with these projects Paul! Well done!

MontanaBob ...

Outstanding….. Do you stay awake nights thinking of these things…. LOL

RogerBean ...

I love this piece. The shape, the marquetry, the wood selections all shout classic shipwright. The result is a really striking creation.

shipwright ...

Thanks everyone for all the kind words on these three. It’s been a while and my marquetry has improved a lot but I still love these three. I’m glad I could bring out some smiles.

kiefer ...

I have not seen this creation of yours before and yes it made me smile as I enjoy your creative projects and the qualety of them .

Steve Gaskins ...

Paul, when I saw the thumbnail, before clicking to open the posting, I said shipwright made this….and I was correct. Wow Paul, this is absolutely beautiful. Your work really, really inspires me. I know nothing of marquetry, as I build my furniture from solid wood, but the more I see your work, the more I become very interested. I make my living in the Mechanical Engineering world, so I have spent all of my life paying close attention to details. Paul, your work is exceptional and it shows you truly have an eye for the fine details. Thanks for posting, Paul. I always look forward to seeing your work.

Peepaw ...

Amazing artistry! Not t mention great craftsmanship.

a1jim ...

Amazing work Paul

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Facets ..... The last of three