Kerf Light ( LED )

Just a little desk light I made for my wife .
This is another bent wood project that came about when we took one of our grandsons to HD last weekend and he spotted some LED lights and thought that it would work for a night table light for him .
We spent some time on his last weekend but it did not turn out well because I cut the kerf’s from the wrong side and it caused the kerf’s to close up which looked wrong and also caused the outside surface to be ripply . .
Today this turned out better by bending the board inward and adding the lamination to the outside of the bent piece.
This way of bending it gave a nice smooth lamination and the LED shines through the kerfs nicely .
The base is a off cut from the scrap bin and my wife liked the grain so this is how I made it nothing difficult but it works I think
Draw a circle ,the first was too big ,mark the holes for the legs and the cutout for the arm drill the holes and cut out for the arm ,band saw the along the line and sand to the line .
Cut some dowel and glue everything together ,sand and finish with wipe on poly and done .
Install the self adhesive LED strip and put it on the desk .
This was a quick fun project and I will use the kerf bent look on some future projects I Am sure ,a nice decorative touch I think .


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lanwater ...

Well done!

It look elegant.

shipwright ...

Creative, artistic, .. sheds an interesting light on lamp design.
I like it.

Thorreain ...

Wow, very well done. Trial and error works.

Michal Bulla ...

I like the simplicity of the design! well done!

DLMcKirdy ...

I agree with all of the above! Very sharp looking lamp.

a1jim ...

Your wife sure get lots of cool things you make her,super light.

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Kerf Light ( LED )