Curly Maple, Carved Pig Cutting Board

Just before Thanksgiving my niece emailed me to ask if either my husband or I might consider making a pig breadboard as a gift for her prayer partner. She had discovered that her prayer partner collected pig cutting boards and wanted to give her one that would be unique. I sent her a few ideas from the web to try to get a feel for what she was thinking. She liked the ideas that I sent so this board is a composite of those ideas.

I listed all the various wood species which I had in the shop and since my niece didn’t know if she simply collects all the boards or if she actually uses them, she selected maple in case she would use it. I had a curly maple cut-off left over from a previous project that was about 9½” x 16” so I drew the pig to fit.

Because I don’t see well, I don’t usually cut curves, but since I was planning to round-over the edges, I used a felt-tipped marker and had no problem. I carved a few details and woodburned Made in USA on the foot and designed and hand-crafted by [my niece’s name] aunt on the belly. (I figured if she wanted to use it as a cutting board, she might do so on the back so I didn’t want to woodburn there.) It was a relatively simple, quick project – just a couple of days and it was done. She wanted to pay for it, but I only do woodworking for enjoyment and asked her to simply cover the cost of the wood and the shipping. That was more than I would have been willing to pay!

How could anyone ever make a living making something like this? Had I charged minimum wage, it would have been over $75 for my time plus shipping and materials. And I certainly wouldn’t do woodworking without covering the cost of maintaining a shop. If I were trying to make a living, I’d need to charge a minimum of $200 for that board! I don’t think there is much potential for wealthy clients who desire animal-shaped cutting boards.


Woods: curly maple maple

Tools: band saw drum sander carving knives router woodburner

Tags: pig cutting board breadboard carving


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lanwater ...

Projects that will make someone happy are the best.
Two people are happy: You and the recipient.

On top of it, reader like me get an instant smile :)

Well done L/w!

Thorreain ...

Cute. Nice band saw workout.

shipwright ...

I think I’m quoting the movie Charlotte’s Web when I say …. “Nice Pig!”
You are a good aunt and you do very nice lettering for someone who doesn’t see well …….. or for someone who does for that matter.


Jack ...

Such a nice person to do that. That is a beautiful pig. It is such a good feeling to give away things you have made. Of course when you make something to sell and put a price on it, you will hear " I can get that for a third that amount at the big box store". Yes you can.

lightweightladylefty ...

Thanks, guys, for all the kind comments. Any of us who can do this and not have to support ourselves with it are truly blessed. It makes the whole process so much more enjoyable.

With the lack of success I’m having with my current project, I think I should look for more recipients for pig boards!

Paul, in the good ole days before personal computers, I did a considerable amount of calligraphy which has helped me with wood-burning my lettering, but arthritic hands aren’t an asset. (My 96-year-old mother’s handwriting in much nicer than mine!)


a1jim ...

I like it very cool cutting board.

lightweightladylefty ...

Thanks, Jim.


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Curly Maple, Carved Pig Cutting Board